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Seattle fire crews rescued a man who spent the night in his car after it ended up in a ravine in north Seattle.

Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore said that firefighters used ropes to stabilize the car and cut the roof and the steering column to rescue the man.

“He had had bumps, scrapes and a black eye. He was transported to Harborview in stable condition, it’s amazing,” Moore said.

Moore said that rescue crews were notified about the crashed vehicle after a 911 call from a man who reported the car had crashed in a ravine on his property which is in the 2600 block of Northeast 120th Street. The caller told rescue crews that he found the car at 8:26 a.m. and that he was able to communicate with the man trapped inside.

The injured man, who is 67, told rescue crews he had been there all night, Moore said.

John Shearer, 42, was the man who found the car. He said he was leaving for work when he spotted the back end of the car and damaged bushes on his property. Shearer said he ran over to the ravine and saw the crashed car and part of the man inside. Shearer said he yelled to see if the person was alive and was greeted by a voice pleading for help.

Shearer said that he dialed 911 and in the minutes it took Seattle fire crews to get there he stayed put, talking to the injured man.

“I just wanted to make sure to tell him I was here, help is coming,” Shearer said, adding that he didn’t hear the car crash last night.

Shearer said that he had long worried that someone would crash into the ravine. He said that because GPS directions show the roadway going through the property, his family often has to help guide lost motorists and delivery drivers onto the right road.

“I feared it would happen for years and it happened last night,” Shearer said.