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While most major Puget Sound roadways were wet and bare during the early commute Monday morning, officials cautioned that there are some slick areas — especially on side streets and highway ramps, and on major roads through Everett and Marysville.

A bigger concern for drivers may be the afternoon commute and conditions over the next few days, as much more snow is expected, said Marybeth Turner, a spokeswomanfor the city’s department of transportation. Turner said officials will meet to come up with a plan later this morning.

For now, officials recommended drivers go slowly and be mindful of conditions, which could change quickly.

“We really encourage people to drive for the conditions and reduce their speed,”  Washington Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kris Olsen said.

In Seattle, just six roads were partially closed at 8:30 a.m., said  Turner: First Avenue; 23rd Avenue South and South McClellan Street; South Spokane Street and South Columbia Way; South Holgate Street and Beacon Avenue South; South Holgate Street and 14th Avenue South; and East Denny Way and Melrose Avenue).

Eighteen city crews worked throughout the night, when many more roads had been closed, Turner said. The crews are still out using granular salt and liquid de-icer to make the roads safer.

Turner directed residents to the city’s new snow response route map, which shows which roads that crews have worked on most recently.

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