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“Wave Sine,” by W. Scott Trimble.

Sketched Oct. 14, 2014

The Mad Campus exhibit at the University of Washington, which is up through Oct. 25, includes twelve striking supersize pieces of public art.

Some are in plain view (a giant inflatable figure of a “Lone Stranger” is visible from 15th Avenue Northeast); some are a bit off-the beaten path (an undulating wooden pathway near the Physics and Astronomy building); and others are hidden in spots that not even curator Alison Milliman, a UW alum herself, knew existed. A collection of concrete tree stumps, for example, is at the Medicinal Herb Garden, north of the Botany Greenhouse.

This is Milliman’s fourth MadArt project, named after the first one in her own neighborhood, Madison Park, in 2009. How did I miss it before? Past editions featured other site-specific works such as a rocket crash in Cal Anderson Park and a Capitol Hill house wrapped in plastic.

Milliman said the idea of the privately funded exhibits is to bring art to unexpected places, so everyone can enjoy a moment of discovery.

“Longe Stranger,” by Piper O’Neill

“Sentinel, 2014,” by Kevin McCarthy

“Lux Sit, 2014,” by Julia Chamberlain