The Lummi Nation is sheltering in place to protect its people.

The announcement by Lawrence Solomon, chairman of the Lummi Indian Business Council, requires Lummi tribal members to remain in their homes except for essential trips as of midnight March 22 until midnight April 5.

“We love all our people and are committed to doing everything in our power to protect our people. It is time to take extreme measures,” Solomon said in a Facebook Live address Sunday evening.

There have been five confirmed cases of coronavirus so far at Lummi, including two members of the Lummi tribal community who live on the reservation. “There is no need to panic, but we need to be cautious,” Solomon said.

The Lummi Nation is the second tribe to shelter in place, after the Makah Tribe which enacted its ordinance March 16.

The order unanimously approved by the Lummi Indian Business Council allows tribal members to leave their homes to take care of family members, to obtain medical services, to fish, hunt or gather, or to get groceries.

“This is a mandate to stay home and when it is necessary to leave your home please practice good social distancing,” Solomon said. “This is more of a threat to our community every day. Please stay home. It is important to have one heart, one mind, one spirit for the work.”

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