On Jan. 24, 2017, there will be a great procession of the five big planets that are visible to us with the naked eye.

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Need a break from what’s going on around you? Feeling sad about planet Earth? Then, lift your eyes and look to the sky.

Tonight,  Jan. 24, 2017, there will a great procession of the five big planets that are visible to us with the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, according to EarthSky.

The parade begins at dusk with Venus and Mars visible on the western horizon as soon as darkness falls. Venus, large and brilliant, will be the first to pop out into the sky after the sunset. Once night falls, the red planet Mars will appear a short distance from Venus.

Once those two planets have followed the sun over the horizon,  Jupiter will rise in the east in the middle of the night and can be seen high in the sky before dawn on the 25th.

Mercury and Saturn will be visible in the east before dawn.

The author of EarthSky, Bruce McClure, reports that the most challenging planet to spot will be Mercury. Early Birds have the best chance if they wake up just before sunrise on Wednesday and look for the moon rising in the east. Mercury will be “the brightest star-like object in the vicinity of the waning crescent moon.”