Organizations connected to the Puget Sound area are distributing necessities or providing health care to Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew, which killed hundreds.

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Local disaster-response teams are coordinating efforts to help people in Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew, some groups setting up stations in the impoverished country for people to receive medical care and other services.

Among them is the nonprofit Medical Teams International, which has an office in Redmond, with a staff of roughly 20 people helping Haitians in the hard-hit southwest peninsula. And by Sunday, people with the Seattle-King County Disaster Team will be there, too. Both groups are taking donations to fund the cause.

Chief Medical Officer Kathleen Jobe said the team will be in the area of Jeremie, where the deadly storm destroyed much. Many people there are seeking basic necessities and food.

“We’ll be seeing a lot of wound care, probably by the time the team is there, probably the effects of cholera and other infectious diseases,” she said Friday night. The team has worked in the area since 1998.

Dominic Bowen of Medical Teams International arrived in Haiti Friday. In a phone interview, he said the group has set up emergency shelters with basic health services, providing hygiene help and medical care.

With the widespread flooding, people face an increased risk for certain diseases and infectious outbreaks. Bowen’s team, he said, is focusing on prevention.

On Friday, he said a “big stream of people” were mobilizing to get to the capital, Port-au-Prince, for food and other necessities. Bowen also said the “further west you go, the more destruction you see,” describing damaged crop plantations and “large bodies of water where there shouldn’t be bodies water.”

Bowen said the nonprofit has been working in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.

“You think about the fantastic emergency-warning system that the U.S. has,” he said. “It’s hard to fathom” how Haiti, a country that has been unstable for decades, can respond to another disaster. “It’s a horrible situation,” he said.

Also, World Vision, headquartered in Federal Way, says on its website a team started distributing blankets, toiletries and bottled water to families in the capital, and has since expanded to other areas, such as Nippes.

Local-based World Concern is also collecting donations to provide emergency supplies. Log onto for more information on that effort.