Locals and politicians nationwide took to social media to voice their reactions.

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As President Barack Obama discussed terrorism from the Oval Office Sunday, The Seattle Times gathered reactions from politicians and Seattleites.

Obama in the speech promised that the country would overcome a threat of terrorism, aiming to ease Americans’ fear following the recent attack in Paris and the shooting rampage last week in California.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray at a Sunday afternoon press conference for a fatal officer-involved shooting said, like cities nationwide, Seattle faces the challenge of gun violence, KING 5 reports via Twitter.

“The police can do their job, but we all need to step up as a country and address the issue of guns in this country,” Murray said.

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State Democratic Party Chair Jaxon Ravens in an email statement said Obama laid out proposals on Sunday that, if implemented, could make the country safer from the threat of terrorism.

Ravens cited the President’s remarks on banning the sale of guns to those on a no-fly list and reforming visa waivers, adding that:

“The last thing we need to do is get bogged down in another costly ground war in the Middle East, and the divisive rhetoric we are hearing about the religion of Islam from the other side is ultimately counterproductive to our cause,” Ravens said.

In a phone interview, Arsalan Bukhari, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Washington, the state’s largest Muslim advocacy group, said he appreciated how Obama acknowledged the lives and contributions of American Muslims.

“It’s extremely important that Americans know who their Muslim neighbors really are,” Bukhari said. “He spoke of unity, which is a key message we must embrace.”

Here are reaction tweets from locals and politicians from across the country: