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Say goodbye to Royal Palace and hola to El Grito (“The Scream” in Spanish).

That’s the change of restaurants coming to this singular street corner at the intersection of Thomas Street and Fairview Avenue North in booming South Lake Union.

I say singular because the little brick building you see in my sketch is all that remains in a block that has been completely redeveloped in the past couple of years. A seven-story apartment complex advertising homes with air-conditioning now surrounds the restaurant site.

I missed my chance to try the Indian food at Royal Palace, but I enjoyed hanging out with friends at the dive bar in the back of the building years ago.

Seattle food entrepreneur Rory McCormick is one of the business partners gearing up to open El Grito, which will specialize in Mexican cuisine. He says they are excited to continue the tradition of the site as a neighborhood watering hole.

“It’s been a restaurant or bar since the 1940s,” McCormick said. “That’s what makes it special.”