The Norfolk, Virginia, police officers spent a morning filming the video, hoping to get a bigger police department to join in the fun. "Seattle better be ready," Norfolk Officer Daniel Hudson said.

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Update, 10:12 a.m. Wednesday: The Seattle Police Department has accepted the challenge from Norfolk police.

The Seattle Police Department has been challenged to a lip-sync battle.

In the past month, law-enforcement agencies around the country have been posting videos of officers lip syncing and challenging other departments to do the same.

Norfolk Police Department in Virginia challenged Seattle police at the end of its video featuring officers lip syncing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” The video, posted yesterday, has more than 30 million views on Facebook.

“Seattle better be ready,” Norfolk public-relations officer Daniel Hudson said.

Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said the department is aware of the challenge but hasn’t responded yet.

Norfolk challenged Seattle because it wanted to see a larger agency participate and some of its former officers are in Washington, Hudson said.

“We are a medium-sized department and we are looking for a larger-sized department to come and play,” Hudson said. “Sometimes people think the bigger departments won’t do it.”

Norfolk police decided to participate in the challenge as a way to showcase law enforcement in a different light.

“It’s a good way to show we’re human and we have fun,” Hudson said.

A lot of prep was involved, Hudson said. He and another officer spent a day choreographing every move. They then spent a morning producing the video, which Hudson said was shot in one take.

Some people have commented on the video calling it a waste of tax dollars. Hudson said there will always be critics, but that the video was created in good fun.

Other media outlets have credited Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in Texas as starting the challenge. Bexar County Deputy Johnny Garcia, said the office posted a video of an officer lip syncing for community engagement and it took off from there.

Garcia said after that, his department had a back-and-forth challenge with the San Antonio Police Department, and other agencies in Texas began to join in.