We’re fortunate to have a state flag that doesn’t completely suck. But like anything that old, the flag could stand “a little work,” as they say. Here are a couple suggestions.

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We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all flags are not created equal.

Some of them, in fact, are downright embarrassing — a fact revealed by the nation recently turning its wandering eye to its state flags in the wake of the Confederate flag controversy down South.

In the Nevergreen State, we’re fortunate to have a state flag that doesn’t completely suck: It’s just a purse-lipped George Washington bust, floating in a circle on a bed of greenery. But like anything that old, the flag bearing the noggin of the Father of our Country could stand “a little work,” as they say. A couple suggestions:

  • Keep George W., but redraw him to look more hip, swarthy and ticked off. Sort of like the way marketing geniuses changed the old, friendly Seahawk into the modern, constipated Seahawk.
  • Economy Package: Same Washington, add cutlass between teeth.
  • Make George more stylized and “modern” in the same way that the U-Dub took its former regulation-looking Husky and turned it into what looks like a dog squinting in a wind tunnel.
  • Just throwing this out there: Bring nature into the picture by making Washington appear to be gradually consumed by Himalayan blackberry vines.
  • Cut to the chase and go with an image that more directly reflects our modern governmental process: corporate lobbyists and paid signature gatherers, arm-in-arm on the Capitol steps.

Any better ideas?

More half-staffery:

The Heat, My God, The Heat: Notice to predatory Bay Area real estate encroachers and other uninvited regional implants: Please ride the elevator down from your $2K-a-month Soviet Bloc studio apartment unit, go next door, and check on the legacy citizens attempting to evade the heat by hiding for four months in their basements. It’s the very least you could do.

Speaking of That: Now, apparently, is the time for all good Puget Sound men to come to the aid of their neighbors by advising them, in great detail, on the proper combination of window venting, fan placement and other techniques to stay cool (without any of that newfangled air conditioning, which would be a non-Northwest cop-out) in houses that are completely different based on location, construction, and 100 other factors.

Meanwhile, On the Never-Ending Campaign Trail: Nice to see Bernie Sanders gain some traction for the Democratic nomination — a nice moment of grass roots feel-goodism before he inevitably gets buried by truckloads of Clinton cash.

Oh, the Humanity: Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett has let slip that he — sit down for this — MIGHT NOT attend summer training camp, just to express displeasure with his crappy four-year, $28.5 million contract. Spare us the drama, Michael. If you don’t like getting paid ridiculous, almost-CEO money for your playground-game acumen, you can always apply to get paid a piecework rate for hand-cutting asparagus over in Toppenish.

Automatic For the People: A 22-year-old worker was thrown up against a wall and killed by a robot in a Volkswagen plant in Germany. This is how it begins.

And Finally: The Legislature’s slashing of tuition at public universities is one of the few things state government has gotten right in the past decade. Kudos to the GOP legislators who made it happen.