A 26-year-old Seattle woman accused of attacking two men with a homemade nunchuck and her teeth pleaded not guilty to third-degree assault on Wednesday.

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A woman who is accused of attacking two men in Lake City with a homemade nunchuck and her teeth pleaded not guilty to two counts of third-degree assault on Wednesday.

Sharnika Joy Armstead, 26, of Seattle, was charged with two counts of assault in King County Superior Court after she allegedly attacked two discount-store workers who claimed to have seen her shoplifting last month.

Prosecutors say Armstead was at the Grocery Outlet store on Northeast 127th Street in Lake City on May 18 when she was allegedly seen leaving the store with a bottle of stolen shampoo in her purse.

As she left, she was confronted by two men, the store owner and its manager, prosecutors said.

They asked her to accompany them back to the store office so that they could photograph her and ban her from returning to the store, prosecutors wrote in the court document.

Armstead refused and instead attempted to punch the manager in the face, police and prosecutors said.

She then reached into her purse and withdrew a nunchuck that was made of a “heavy substance similar to rocks fastened to the end with electrical or duct tape” and began striking the store owner, prosecutors said.

The manager, who was hit with the nunchuck as well, took Armstead to the ground, police and prosecutors say.

Once on the ground, Armstead bit the manager on his inner thigh so hard she broke his skin through his pants, prosecutors allege.

The victims told police that getting hit by the nunchuck “really hurt,” prosecutors said.

Police said Armstead had two homemade nunchucks and an illegal fixed-blade knife in her possession when arrested.

Armstead has a criminal history that includes convictions for assault, theft, escape and robbery.

She is being held in King County Jail on $25,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court June 17.