Seattle police say a woman taken to Harborview Medical Center by friends early Sunday has non-life-threatening injuries that could have been caused by broken glass when the car she was sitting in was struck by gunfire.

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Seattle police are asking the public’s help in the case of a woman injured when the car she was sitting in was struck by gunfire early Sunday.

Police Detective Patrick Michaud said the woman was brought to Harborview Medical Center by friends in a car with a shattered back window about 2:30 a.m.

Michaud said hospital officials called 911 after examining the woman and finding that she had scalp wounds caused by broken glass or a possible gunshot.

Officers interviewed the woman’s friends, who said they had been in the 3000 block of Beacon Avenue South minutes earlier when they saw two men fighting.

They stopped the car to watch when one of the fighters brought out a gun from another car. The man fired one round at the unarmed fighter, but the bullet struck the car of the spectators, police said.

The woman’s friends told police the bullet went through the back window. The woman remained at the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries to her scalp, Michaud said.

Officers scoured the area where the victims said the incident occurred and found a single shell casing in the street and a car covered in blood.

Officers impounded the victim’s friend’s vehicle and the blood-covered car for further investigation. Anyone with information is asked to Homicide/Assault Tip Line at 206-233-5000.