A woman previously convicted of attacking people with a nunchuck is in jail for allegedly chasing a fellow Metro bus passenger with a sheathed sword.

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A woman who was previously convicted of attacking people with a home-crafted nunchuck was arrested again this month for allegedly chasing a fellow Metro passenger around with a sheathed sword.

Sharnika Joy Armstead, 26, was charged with second-degree attempted assault for allegedly slapping a man who bumped into her on the bus and then chasing him with a weapon once he got off the bus.

According to charging documents filed in King County Superior Court, Armstead was sleeping on a Metro Transit D line bus on Sept. 14 when a passenger boarded and jostled her.

She asked the man if he thought it was funny and then slapped him across the face “without permission or provocation,” prosecutors allege.

When the man called 911 and then got off the bus at Third Avenue and Bell Street, Armstead followed, prosecutors say.

While awaiting the arrival of King County transit deputies, fare-enforcement officers saw Armstead chasing the victim and watched as she tucked a weapon down the back of her shirt, court documents say.

Prosecutors say deputies were unable to subdue Armstead until they threatened to use a Taser. A search revealed an 18-inch-long sheathed sword hidden inside the woman’s hooded sweatshirt, court documents say.

Armstead is also alleged to have kicked one of the fare-enforcement officers in the chest while she was being placed in the back of a patrol car.

According to court records, Armstead had been recently released from King County Jail after serving three months for a May nunchuck attack on two Lake City store employees who tried to stop her from stealing shampoo.

Armstead is also charged with first-degree robbery for allegedly punching a woman at a Belltown women’s shelter in August because she wanted the other woman’s makeup bag.

Armstead, whose criminal history includes multiple assault convictions, is being held in jail in lieu of $155,000 bail.