Copper wiring and fiber-optic cables have been cut and stolen from under the Magnolia Bridge in Seattle twice in the last two days, causing significant internet and phone outages in the neighborhood, a Lumen Technologies spokesperson said Saturday.

Wiring and cables under the east abutment of the bridge were cut and stolen Thursday and again Friday, said Kerry Zimmer, a Lumen spokesperson.

Some service was restored to the area Saturday morning, Zimmer said, but repairs continued later in the day.

Zimmer declined to say how many customers were affected, saying the information was proprietary.

“The fiber is repaired & internet services have restored for some customers in the Magnolia area,” CenturyLink Seattle wrote on Twitter Saturday morning. CenturyLink is part of Lumen. “Work continues to repair the copper damage for full restoration. We know how important these services are & will update as the repair work progresses.”

Zimmer said they did not have an estimate for when service would be fully restored.