Early Friday morning, someone in a car drove through the front door of the Seattle business.

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It was a classic smash-and-grab burglary, according to surveillance videos released Friday by Have a Heart, a Greenwood marijuana store.

The video shows four people in a car plowing into the shop’s front door early Friday and looting pot stored behind the counter.

Using a stolen Ford Taurus, the suspects made a U-turn near the cannabis shop, got aligned with the door and then careened over the curb, said Marcelo Ramirez, executive assistant to the store’s owner.

“They left the car in the middle of the road and four individuals with duffle bags hopped out, ran in and targeted all the heavier weight (containers) of cannabis,” Ramirez said. “It was the ounces that were taken.”

The store had to place an order for a new door, which will take 10 days to arrive, and was still trying to determine an exact dollar amount on the loss, he said.

Ramirez said that the store does not have insurance that will cover the loss because of the contradictory nature of local, state and federal laws on marijuana use.

The store’s surveillance video that caught the burglary was released to various news outlets, and the store’s owners and managers are trying to capture quality still photos of the suspects, he said.

The store is also going through its own internal list of potentially suspicious customers who might have previously been casing the store, Ramirez said.

He said the store is open for business as usual, but that there would be around-the-clock security until the new door comes in.

Seattle police responded and took fingerprints as well as a report.

Police said a witness called 911 about 3:15 a.m. after hearing a car crash into the shop in the 300 block of Northwest 85th Street, police said. The witness then reported seeing up to four people leave the shop and get into an older Ford Taurus before driving away.

Employees at the same pot shop were victims of an attempted robbery in 2016, according to police. Two suspects entered the store wearing masks when an employee watching security-camera footage remotely from his home alerted police that they had begun tying up employees, police said. Officers responded, surrounded the business and then detained two men.