None of the people involved in the Olympia fight sustained injuries requiring hospitalization.

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It’s a brawl for the ages.

A sucker punch at a table in an Olympia park set off an epic fight among five people last week that was caught on surveillance video, police said in a news release.

About 9:20 a.m. Friday, Olympia police officers were sent to Artesian Commons Park and eventually arrested five people.

The fight kicks off with a punch to the head of an unsuspecting person sitting at a table with others, who then join in on the tussle, which included a propane bottle, pipes, a dog and a 15-pound stone, police said.

The video of the encounter was obtained by The Olympian.

When the first officer arrived, near the end of the 3½-minute fight, he saw three people kicking a man on the ground, police said. The officer ordered the group to separate, but then one man got up and kicked a woman in the head while she was on the ground.

None of the people involved in the fight sustained injuries that needed hospitalization, authorities said.