Friends and faculty at the UW Bothell remembered Anna Bui, who was a student at the college. She was killed in a shooting in Mukilteo.

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Anna Bui was remembered at the University of Washington Bothell campus Monday as a joyful and intelligent young woman actively engaged in her first year of college and aspiring to a career serving others.

About 60 students, faculty and staff members attended a celebration of Bui’s life. A slideshow of Bui’s recent trip to Europe featured Bui smiling broadly before a lit-up Eiffel tower, posing above a canal in Venice and laughing with her eyes closed as a German shepherd licked her face at an outdoor cafe.

Mukilteo shooting

“She left others feeling loved, feeling happy, feeling like a better person. She was not only beautiful, as you can see from the slides, but she was also beautiful on the inside,” said Leah Shin, who met Bui in a music and philosophy class at UW Bothell.

Shin said Bui’s musical talent shined in the class where small groups of students had to form bands, learn to play the guitar and create a music video.

“She was a great singer, great at playing the guitar. She created the best vocals. I’ll only remember Anna at her most joyful and happy times,” Shin said.

Bui was fatally shot early Saturday at a party of high school friends in Mukilteo. Two others friends were killed, Jake Long and Jordan Ebner. A fourth, Will Kramer was shot multiple times but is expected to survive.

UW Bothell lecturer Kristine Kellejian had Bui in two writing and research classes last year. Kellejian wasn’t present at the memorial service, but an email of her memories were shared at the service.

“Anna was a bright light in both classes,” Kellejian wrote. “She was incredibly intelligent and always had a ready smile.”

UW Bothell Chancellor Wolf Yeigh said Bui made the dean’s list every quarter of her freshman year and was an active and engaged student.

“We are all terribly shaken by this tragedy,” Yeigh said. He said the college had received permission from Gov. Jay Inslee to lower the flags on campus to half staff in honor of the young people who were killed.

Bui’s academic adviser, Kathy Mitchell, said she first met the young woman at freshman orientation almost a year ago and saw her most recently in July, when Bui returned from her monthlong trip to Europe.

Mitchell said that Bui was interested in a career in medicine and told friends she wanted to become a nurse.

“She was always smiling. She was so looking forward to a life helping other people. Every encounter with her was a joy,” Mitchell said.

The alleged assailant, Allen Ivanov, also was a student at UW Bothell and was enrolled in one of the same writing courses as Bui, said another student, Hannah McNeal, after the memorial service.

McNeal said she often walked with the two of them after class, when they were still in a relationship.

“They were a super-happy couple. He was so smart, just like her,” McNeal said. “I would never have expected this in a million years.”