Bothell High School’s campus was closed Thursday after threatening graffiti was found at the school and anonymous threats surfaced on social media, according to a statement from Northshore School District Superintendent Michelle Reid. 

Bothell police were investigating and would have an increased presence at the school on Thursday while students would be learning remotely, school officials said.

Police spokesperson Cam Johnson said Thursday the department is taking the investigation “very seriously” and that the entire school was thoroughly searched by Bothell police officers with assistance from the Washington State Patrol.

“Every inch of that school has been swept and is safe,” she said. The school’s campus was closed on Thursday out of abundance of caution, she said.

In the statement from Reid, she said that families received notification from the principal that graffiti was discovered on campus threatening violence. She said that later “more threats of concern” were made on social media.

“As with all issues of safety, we are taking the matter seriously. Law enforcement was contacted immediately, and we are continuing to investigate the threat in partnership with the Bothell Police Department and District Safety and Security staff,” the statement said.


“In addition, we worked with the Bothell Police Department to increase their presence on campus today, including a full sweep of the campus this evening based on more threats of concern made on social media,” said the statement, dated Wednesday.

In the statement, Reid addressed the person responsible for the graffiti directly, as well as those who might know who did it.

“If this message was meant as a call for help, threatening anyone, let alone an entire school population is not the way,” Reid wrote. “We have counselors and school staff ready to provide support as appropriate. The first step is coming forward.”

Reid also encouraged parents and guardians to talk to their students and urged anyone with knowledge about the threats to speak to the Bothell Police Department.