The 19-year-old driver faces charges of three counts of vehicular assault after the Thursday morning crash that injured six middle-school-aged boys, court documents show.

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The 19-year-old driver who allegedly plowed into six middle-school-aged boys in Maple Valley Thursday has been released from jail on his personal recognizance, prosecutors said.

The teen, whose license was suspended, apparently had a seizure just before the crash near Southeast 271st Street and 218th Avenue Southeast around 8 a.m., authorities said. His first court appearance was Friday afternoon. No bail was set.

He is facing charges of three counts of vehicular assault, according to a probable-cause statement outlining the police case against him. Investigators believe he was behind the wheel while knowing he was susceptible to seizures, the statement says.

The teen told investigators he was taking medication for epilepsy, and that he no longer thought his license was suspended, according to the statement.

His second court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

In the crash, the vehicle first hit a mailbox that catapulted into two of the boys. The pickup then struck three more boys and grazed another before hitting a tree.

The six boys suffered a variety of injuries, three of which caused “substantial bodily harm,” according to the probable-cause statement.