Tacoma police are still searching for the person or persons who shot eight people after a music event early Sunday.

Around 12:45 a.m., Tacoma police said they responded to multiple reports of shots fired and cars fleeing the 5400 block of South Tacoma Way. All eight individuals , between the ages of 17 and 22 are in stable condition, said Wendy Haddow, a spokesperson for the Tacoma Police Department.

The shooting occurred about 20 minutes after the ending of a hip-hop dance party and concert, which was put on by Project X Parties and the artist “Sol. Luna,” according to the artist’s manager Juan Cornell.

Cornell said the venue Edison Square, which had hired off-duty police officers as security guards, had already closed and staff were cleaning up when the shooting took place.

Deandre Bush, who owns Project X Parties and is the artist behind Sol. Luna, said he was standing outside when he heard and saw gunfire. A lingering crowd of around 15 to 20 people, some leaving the area, were standing in a parking lot, he said. Bush was outside on a smoke break and too far away to make out exactly what was happening.

Tacoma police said Sunday that they found a “chaotic” scene and the violence seems to have started when an argument broke out in the alley behind the location.


Although the shooting took place after the music event and outside the venue, Bush said in a statement that from now on, he will encourage people to leave immediately after events.

“We cannot have this happen ever,” he said. “Once we close, people need to just go home or elsewhere.”

Bush said the group, which started in Portland is touring around the United States this year.

The investigation is ongoing and Tacoma police ask anyone with information or video of the shooting to call Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959.