Witnesses said the man had approached Spokane police with a knife, asking them to kill him.

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SPOKANE — Two Spokane officers fired on a man outside a homeless shelter Thursday, fatally wounding him, after he approached with a knife, police said.

Police responded to a suicide call Thursday evening and found a man sitting outside, The Spokesman-Review reported.

Witnesses said the man approached police with a knife, asking them to kill him.

Spokane Police Officer Teresa Fuller said initial investigation indicates the man charged police. An officer then used a Taser on the man, which was ineffective, she said.

Two officers fired at the man, who was struck by two bullets and died at the scene, according to Spokane Police Officer Jennifer DeRuwe. A knife was found next to the man’s body after the shooting, police said.

Other people at the shelter became “unruly and confrontational” afterward and police called for all other available officers to respond, DeRuwe said. One person was arrested. No one was injured.

David Snyder, who said he was staying at the shelter and saw what happened, told The Spokesman-Review he didn’t believe officers needed to shoot the man, but he said the man was “in a rage” and that “he charged, no doubt.”

“He wanted them to kill him,” Snyder said. “They were trying to make him stand down.”

Snyder said the man was homeless and staying at the shelter.

The officers at the scene were wearing body cameras, police said.

The Washington State Patrol is investigating.