Statement from the family of homicide victim Ingrid Lyne.

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The family of Ingrid Lyne released the following statement Tuesday evening:


This weekend, a light went out of our lives forever. Ingrid, beloved mother, daughter, sister and friend, was taken from us for reasons we still cannot comprehend. Our hearts are broken and can never be fully mended.

But out of our grief, hope still springs, as does our appreciation. Words cannot express our gratitude to our communities near and far for banding together and expressing their support and ultimately their love. For this we will be forever grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, we all thank you.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the Renton and Seattle police departments as they work tirelessly to provide all of us the truth around what exactly happened to our beloved Ingrid. They have been there for our family providing answers, support, and compassion — even feeding the girls’ cats when we needed.

Lastly, we’d like to give you an update on Ingrid and Phil’s daughters. While devastated, they have been amazingly resilient and we couldn’t be more proud of how they have handled what will be the worst news of their young lives. With all of your prayers and positive thoughts, we are able to express to them how much Ingrid meant to all of you and how much you truly love and care for them. We have truly appreciated all of your respect for their privacy while our primary focus is on them moving through this in a healthy yet honest manner.新型支架水池

Again, thank you to all of you in what has truly been our darkest hour.


Family of Ingrid Maree Lyne