A Thurston County judge on Monday ordered a 25-year-old Shoreline man to be held on investigation of assault in connection with Saturday’s shooting on the Capitol campus in Olympia that injured a demonstrator, court and jail records show.

The suspected gunman remains in custody in the Thurston County jail in lieu of $50,000 bail, according to the records.

The Seattle Times is not naming the man because he has not yet been criminally charged.

Saturday’s shooting came after a couple of hours of on-and-off skirmishes at and around the Capitol, where supporters of President Donald Trump had gathered, displaying signs questioning the integrity of the election, and were met by a larger group of around 200 black-clad counterdemonstrators, The Seattle Times reported.

Public records indicate the 25-year-old suspected gunman is a supporter of President Donald Trump. The Olympia man who was shot, who turns 21 on Tuesday, was arrested by Seattle police in October and has since been charged with arson in federal court. He is accused of throwing a lit mortar through a broken window at the Starbucks in the 1600 block of Olive Way during a demonstration that began at Cal Anderson Park, according to the federal complaint.

According to the probable cause statement outlining the Washington State Patrol’s case against the 25-year-old shooting suspect, “groups of opposing political ideology” were involved in physical confrontations just after 2 p.m. Saturday near 15th Avenue Southwest and Columbia Street Southwest. A parking lot for the Washington State Capitol Visitor’s Center takes up the northeast corner of the intersection.


According to the probable cause statement:

Investigators interviewed witnesses and reviewed several videos that were posted on social media sites that showed the shooting and its immediate aftermath. The alleged shooter was seen in the southwest corner of the parking lot, standing about 4 feet above street level, with shrubs and bushes separating him from the people below. After a gunshot is heard on the videos, the shooter could be seen manipulating an item in his hand, which investigators later determined was the man likely clearing an unfired round from a handgun.

In another video, the man who was shot is seen falling to the ground and people are heard yelling for a medic. The videographer focused attention on the shooter, who is seen with a black handgun in his right hand before he holsters the weapon and runs through the parking lot with a woman.

A witness followed the couple to a car parked less than a half mile to the north and pointed the alleged shooter out to a State Patrol detective. The man was arrested by a SWAT team as he attempted to get into the vehicle.

At the time of his arrest, the man had a 9 mm handgun in a holster on his waist. One bullet was in the gun’s chamber, with seven more in the magazine; he also had a second magazine loaded with 10 bullets. The State Patrol sergeant who authored the probable cause statement noted the 18 bullets were gold and of a style he had never encountered before.

Two minutes after the first round was fired, video from the scene showed several people armed with pistols and rifles entering the parking lot.

A second shooter, who was wearing all black, fired a single round into the parking lot, facing away from people treating the shooting victim. That shooter has not been identified and police did not find a second shooting victim.


By the time investigators arrived at the scene, the injured man had been driven to Providence St. Peter Hospital, where he underwent surgery before he could be interviewed. Doctors told detectives the man had been shot in the back and the round passed through the front of his torso.

Back at the scene, detectives found a blood trail that started in the grass next to a sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot and continued into the street, where a pool of blood was surrounded by the detritus from first-aid supplies.

Citing patient privacy laws, a hospital spokesperson on Monday said he could not provide any information for a patient with the injured man’s name.

At the shooting scene, investigators found an unspent 9 mm bullet that was the same color as those loaded in the shooting suspect’s weapon, says the probable cause statement. Nearby, police also recovered a .380-caliber shell casing, believed to have come from the second shooter’s weapon.

Court records do not yet indicate which attorney is representing the 25-year-old suspect.