A Seattle woman who embarked on a backpacking adventure in Mexico has gone missing. Her husband is now seeking help to find her.

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A Seattle woman has disappeared on a backpacking excursion through Mexico, and her husband said Sunday he is looking for any leads that could help track her down.

Jenny Chen, 26, was in the middle of a solo three-month trip from San Diego into Mexico and all the way to Cancún before a trip to Cuba. In pictures posted on Facebook, she recently described the kindness of Mexicans who have helped her hitchhike across the country.

Chen’s husband, Jonathan Reinhard, said family and friends last heard from Chen when she was in Oaxaca about two weeks ago. He was planning to meet her in Cancún on April 15 for a vacation, but she never showed up.

Reinhard said he has been working with Mexican and U.S. officials. He is also working with Chen’s family back in China to seek help from Chinese officials.

“I’m pretty much in distress,” Reinhard said. “It’s awful.”

Reinhard is also raising money to hire a private investigator. He speculated that money may be needed for a “ransom,” although he hasn’t heard from anybody. He also fears that his wife may have been sold into human trafficking.

Reinhard said Chen is an avid hiker and adventurous.