Seattle police released body-camera footage Friday night showing two officers ordering a woman in the Chinatown International District this week to stop moving, then firing at her after she threw an object they say was a gun.

 The woman, was shot in the shoulder and her injuries were not life-threatening, police said. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where a hospital spokesman said Thursday she was in critical condition. The hospital declined to give an update Friday.

On Saturday, Detective Mark Jamieson, a police spokesman, identified the woman as Khamsao Vilaikham.

The shooting occurred, police said, after they responded, after 8 p.m. Wednesday, to several calls of a woman firing a gun into the air near 12th Avenue South and South Jackson Street. The department released two 911 calls Friday, one reporting shots fired and the other reporting a woman shooting a gun.

A few minutes later, two officers encountered a woman at 10th Avenue South and South Jackson Street who matched a witness’ description

In graphic body-camera footage from both officers, which may be disturbing to readers, the officers approach Vilaikham, who is across the street. They shout at her to show her hands, stop moving and get down.


Vilaikham says something about a weapon, but it’s not clear in the video what she says. As the officers walk toward her, she turns to the side and throws what appears in the video to be a gun. Police said they recovered a gun and magazine at the scene.

As the object flies through the air, the officers fire at Vilaikham. Five shots can be heard in the video. Vilaikham falls to the ground, screams for help and begins to take off her clothes.

Officers applied a tourniquet to Vilaikham’s arm, according to police. The Seattle Fire Department then took her to Harborview.

Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said she was charged with felony assault, theft of a firearm and a felony-weapons violation Friday. She was to be booked into King County Jail after discharge from the hospital, he said.

The department’s Force Investigation Team and crime-scene investigators are looking into the incident, along with representatives from the Office of Police Accountability and the inspector general. The King County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation, in accordance with a recently passed state law on police use of deadly force.