Seattle police Wednesday released video from two officers’ body cameras taken during the fatal police shooting of a man who was allegedly threatening people with knives in Lower Queen Anne on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers responded to several 911 calls Tuesday afternoon reporting that a man was brandishing knives and chasing people at the intersection of West Harrison Street and Elliott Avenue West, police said.

“I was just walking, and some dude pulled a kitchen knife on me and started running at me,” one caller told a dispatch officer.

In the video, a group of officers is seen pulling over on Elliott Avenue West near the man, who’s walking down the street. The officers are heard yelling at him to stop, but he continues walking, while yelling back. Within a few seconds, he picks up his pace and breaks into a run.

One officer deploys a Taser during the brief chase, but the man continues running down the sidewalk.

A few moments before shots can be heard, the video appears to show the suspect turning back toward the officers, with a large knife in hand. Officers fire a series of shots, knocking the man to the ground. When he falls, he drops the knife, and another knife can be seen falling to the ground.

Officers provided first aid to the suspect until medics arrived, police said.

A Seattle Fire Department spokesperson said Tuesday the man died as he was being put in an ambulance to go to the hospital.