A substitute teacher who was participating in a remote middle-school class for Catharine Blaine K-8 School students on Tuesday is now the subject of an indecent-exposure investigation by Seattle police, according to Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and a police spokesperson.

“Some students and parents reported concerns when they saw a Seattle Public Schools substitute teacher on camera during a remote teaching session being led by a regular, full-time SPS teacher,” Tim Robinson, a spokesperson for the school district, said in an email Thursday. “The Catharine Blaine teacher who was leading the class took swift action and removed the person from the remote platform, Microsoft Teams.”

The substitute teacher, who appeared on camera from his home, was immediately prevented from accessing Teams and other SPS online platforms and is currently barred from teaching or performing any other work in Seattle schools, according to Robinson and a letter sent to parents by Catharine Blaine Principal Ryan LaDage.

The school is located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The exact nature of the allegation was not immediately disclosed.

In his letter to parents, LaDage said he would provide updates if and when possible and encouraged any parent or child with additional information to contact him, Assistant Principal Patrick Gray or the school district’s Title IX office at title.ix@seattleschools.org.

Det. Patrick Michaud, a spokesperson for the Seattle Police Department, confirmed Thursday that the allegations against the substitute teacher, a man in his 50s or 60s, were reported to police just before 6 p.m. Tuesday. The indecent-exposure case has since been assigned to a detective in the department’s Sexual Assault Unit for follow-up investigation, he said.

Michaud did not know whether there is a video-recording from the class and declined to release a police report because the department generally does not release reports assigned to the Sexual Assault Unit.