A 29-year-old Seattle man was charged Wednesday with one count of vehicular homicide for allegedly speeding and driving while impaired when he fatally struck a bicyclist in the Ravenna neighborhood on Saturday.

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King County prosecutors have charged a 29-year-old Seattle man with one count of vehicular homicide, accusing him of speeding and driving while impaired when he fatally struck a bicyclist in the Ravenna neighborhood on Saturday night.

Lucas McQuinn, who lives with his parents in Mount Baker, was arrested at the scene, then released from jail Monday night after posting $100,000 bail, according to jail and court records. He is to be arraigned July 15.

Andres Hulslander, 45, was struck and killed as he was riding his bicycle from his work in Wallingford to his home in Lake Forest Park, charging papers say. Hulslander was wearing a brightly colored cycling jersey and his bike was equipped with a red, flashing taillight, according to the papers.

Hulslander was stopped at a red light facing east on Northeast 65th Street at 15th Avenue Northeast just after 11 p.m., the papers say. When the light turned green, he proceeded to ride through the intersection — and the front bumper of McQuinn’s Subaru struck the rear wheel of Hulslander’s bike, say the charges.

Hulslander struck the windshield of the Subaru, then went over the vehicle, landing on the pavement about 90 feet east of the collision, according to the charges.

Medics performed CPR on Hulslander at the scene, but he died shortly after arriving at Harborview Medical Center, the charges say.

Witnesses estimated McQuinn was driving 40 to 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. McQuinn pulled over after hitting Hulslander, the papers say. Two witnesses approached the driver and later told officers they could smell alcohol on his breath, according to the charges.

One described McQuinn as “stunned and stupefied,” the papers say.

Police say McQuinn showed obvious signs of impairment and told an officer he had drunk four beers and taken Adderall, a drug he takes daily for attention-deficit disorder, before the crash. McQuinn declined to provide a breath sample but his blood was drawn at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center just before 3 a.m., four hours after the collision, according to the charges.

Results of toxicology tests are pending.

According to police, McQuinn claimed to have had the beers at The Atlantic Crossing Pub, about five blocks from the collision, the papers say.

Bar owner Gareth Etchells disputed McQuinn’s claim Wednesday. Etchells said he spoke to the bartender who worked Saturday night, reviewed video-surveillance footage from inside the pub and looked at a copy of McQuinn’s bill.

McQuinn, accompanied by his girlfriend, placed a to-go order for pizza, chicken and fries, and mac ’n’ cheese, Etchells said. McQuinn also ordered a beer but only drank half before leaving between 10:30 and 10:45 p.m., according to Etchells, who said he’s provided information to the state Liquor Control Board and will be contacting Seattle police.

McQuinn, who had been at the pub about a dozen times before, showed no signs of impairment, Etchells said.

“They were waiting for their food, then off they went and he seemed perfectly normal,” Etchells said of McQuinn. On the video, “you can even see the half a beer left on the bar.”

He acknowledged there was “not a lot of time between the accident and them leaving.”

The charging documents don’t indicate any passengers were in McQuinn’s car at the time of the fatal crash.