Seattle police are looking for a man who threw a large “No Parking” sign through the window of a treasured North Seattle restaurant early Sunday after he was eighty-sixed for nearly brawling.

Clint Drake, the manager of Beth’s Cafe on Aurora Avenue North, said Monday morning the man and a friend were in a black Prius that had clipped another car while they were parking. When they entered the restaurant and were being seated, another customer called them out on their parking job.

“They were very intoxicated and they got mad and tried to fight (the other customer) inside the restaurant,” Drake said. They were shown the door then because “you can’t fight in our restaurant,” he said.

One of the two men then picked up the sign and hurled it through the restaurant’s large, plate-glass window, nearly hitting a hostess and sending shattered glass toward five customers at two tables, said Drake.

As customers raced out after him, the man got into the passenger seat of the Prius, which hit the cars parked in front of and behind it as the men pulled away, Drake said.

No one was injured, Drake said, but the damage to the restaurant will cost about $3,000 to repair.