Video-surveillance footage, phone records, shell casings and a timely arrest by Seattle police allowed King County sheriff's detectives to quickly identify a 17-year-old suspect in the killing of Pablo Gutierrez Reyes, 47, who was fatally shot in Shoreline on June 16.

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A 17-year-old Seattle boy was charged as an adult on Monday with first-degree murder, accused of shooting a man eight times in order to rob him of cash and cocaine, according to King County prosecutors.

Nine hours after King County sheriff’s deputies found Pablo Gutierrez Reyes, 47, dead in the driver’s seat of his car parked on Northeast 146th Street in Shoreline, Seattle police arrested Luis Campuzano, charging papers say. A resident called 911 at 6:40 a.m. on June 17 to report seeing the driver of an illegally parked Mercedes SUV handling a black pistol and showing the weapon to his two passengers, the charges say. When police arrived, they saw a 9 mm handgun on the floorboard at Campuzano’s feet and found a spent casing inside the vehicle, say the charges.

The SUV was parked about 15 blocks east of where police found Gutierrez Reyes , according to charging papers.

At the time Campuzano was arrested and booked into the Youth Service Center for unlawful possession of a firearm, detectives had not yet identified him as a suspect in Gutierrez Reyes’ homicide, say charging papers. But after getting a search warrant for Campuzano’s cellphone, police learned he had texted and repeatedly called Gutierrez Reyes prior to the shooting, according to the charges. The handgun and spent shell casing were tested and preliminary results showed the 9 mm had been used to kill Gutierrez Reyes and matched shell casings found inside his car, the charges say.

Video-surveillance footage also showed Gutierrez Reyes meet up with a male who closely resembles Campuzano, who then got into Gutierrez Reyes’ parked car, say charging papers. Fifty-four seconds after getting into the car, the other male quickly got out, carrying a large backpack, the charges say. Police also found a photo on Campuzano’s phone taken 44 minutes after the homicide, which shows Campuzano’s tattooed arm holding a brick of cocaine, the charges say.

Gutierrez Reyes was shot “at least eight times in the face, chest and back of the head,” a level of force “far in excess of that required to rob an unarmed man,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Adrienne McCoy wrote in charging papers. “The defendant took a photo of himself with the proceeds of his murder, then went about his business, met up with friends, and carried on as if nothing unusual had happened.”