The older brother of a 27-year-old Kenmore woman who disappeared in 2016 and whose dismembered remains were found two years later in a suitcase dumped in Snohomish County has been charged with her murder in King County Superior Court.

Sheriff’s detectives allege David Brent Haggard, 45, killed his sister and then cut her into pieces and tried to burn her remains. The charges allege the siblings had a “volatile” relationship that centered on drug use. David Haggard, described by authorities as Jamie Haggard’s half-brother, has been a suspect from the outset. Police twice obtained warrants to dig in the yard around the home where they had lived together, according to news accounts and court papers.

According to witnesses, the two had been arguing over living arrangements at the house in Kenmore and over who was allowed to stay there when Jamie Haggard disappeared in June 2016. Two days before that, she had told her boyfriend that she feared for her life, and another roommate had called police after David Haggard sent him a photograph of Jamie Haggard tied up in the bathtub. When police arrived, Jamie Haggard denied her brother had harmed her and blamed another roommate, the charges allege.

David Haggard is now in jail awaiting trial on an unrelated arson case, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. He has a prior arson conviction for which he served 39 months, according to court documents. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said David Haggard has made a first appearance on the second-degree murder charge and his bail has been set at $2 million. He is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 7.

The charges allege that witnesses said the siblings fought the morning of June 9, 2016, about the home and that none of her friends or acquaintances ever saw her again. Her sister said she received a text from Jamie’s phone on June 23, but David Haggard later admitted that he had Jamie’s cellphone and had sent the text to try to alleviate his family’s concerns over the missing woman.

The charges also allege that David Haggard made potentially incriminating statements. Several friends reported they thought they had seen Jamie in the months after she disappeared. “Twice, David told witnesses that was not possible,” the charges say.


David Haggard also reportedly told friends that he would not be able to pass a polygraph test.

In May 2018, a crew picking up trash along Highway 522 in Snohomish County discovered dismembered human remains in a suitcase. Detectives matched the remains to Jamie Haggard. A partially burned sheet found with the remains was matched to bedclothes found in the Kenmore home, the charges allege.

During one of the searches of the yard, detectives found an area where items had burned. Moreover, the complaint alleges that detectives were able to locate a stolen car that David Haggard had been driving and found that its GPS showed that on June 14, 2016, just five days after Jamie Haggard had last been seen, the vehicle drove a route that took it by where the remains were found.