Clallam County prosecutors are expected to file homicide charges this week against a man and a woman who were arrested in connection with the killings, according to the prosecutor's office.

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A triple slaying that took place in Port Angeles in December followed a conflict over the alleged mistreatment of a woman, according to a court document, which cites witness statements.

Clallam County prosecutors are expected to file homicide charges this week against Dennis M. Bauer, 50, and his girlfriend, 34-year-old Kallie Ann Letellier, according to the County Prosecutor’s Office. The suspects were arrested on Thursday and Saturday, respectively, by the county’s Sheriff’s Office with assistance from other agencies.

Darrell C. Iverson, 57; his son Jordan Iverson, 27; and Jordan’s girlfriend, Tiffany May, 26; were killed Dec. 26, according to the probable-cause document released by the Prosecutor’s Office. The bodies of the two men were found under tarps in the yard of the family residence on Bear Meadow Road on Dec. 31. May’s body was found in an outbuilding on the property the following day.

All had been killed by multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators interviewed nearly a dozen people, several of whom were considered potential suspects, before arresting Bauer and Letellier, who also goes by Kallie Ann Buchanan and Kallie Ann Wade, the probable-cause statement said.

One witness told police that “the whole issue was that Dennis had a beef with Darrell over keeping Kallie and holding her as a ‘pet,’ ” according to the document.

Letellier had been living with Iverson at one time before moving in with Bauer, according to the report. The witness said Letellier told Bauer some things about the way Iverson had treated her that upset Bauer, which may have prompted him to retaliate.

In the document, which lays out the state’s case against the suspects, investigators said that while Darrell Iverson was buying and selling methamphetamines and guns, that didn’t directly factor in the killings.

In the report, police and the Prosecutor’s Office claim Bauer shot the Iversons, and Letellier shot May.

Clallam County Superior Court Judge Brian Coughenour set bail for Bauer, who is being held on investigation of three counts of second-degree murder, at $3.5 million on Friday.