The two men shot at a trooper and his patrol car before fleeing into a vineyard Monday night, authorities said.

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State police and SWAT team members in Yakima County are looking for two men “who basically tried to murder one of our troopers,” according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Chris Thorson.

The trooper tried to pull over a car for speeding near Grandview about 9 p.m. on Monday, but the driver did not stop, Thorson said.

What followed was a 6-minute “vehicle pursuit” down Highway 241 before the suspects’ car turned down a country road and parked at a residence off Forsell Road, police said.

The driver and a passenger leaped out of the car and started shooting at the trooper and his patrol car, Thorson said.

The officer, who was not injured, returned fire but it was not known if he struck either suspect, Thorson said.

The two males then ran into a vineyard and disappeared. A SWAT team and other police are searching for them and officers are waiting for a search warrant that will allow them to search the abandoned vehicle.

“We are definitely interested in catching these two people because they basically tried to murder our trooper,” said Thorson.

He said the officer is at home resting.