A man with monkey on his back — a marmoset, to be exact — was quickly arrested after a car crash in Burien on Wednesday morning, according to police.

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When witnesses called 911 to report a car crash Wednesday morning in Burien, they provided a police dispatcher with a crucial bit of information: The man who ran from the wreck had a monkey on his back.

No, really, a monkey.

“That was the call we got,” said Burien police Capt. Bryan Howard. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

It didn’t take officers long to track down the 30-year-old Burien man, who indeed had a monkey — a marmoset, to be exact — perched on his shoulders, Howard said. The witnesses even managed to snap a photo as man with monkey ran off, he said.

Burien police later learned that a state trooper had clocked a black 2016 Honda Accord traveling at 112 mph on state Highway 509, but the trooper couldn’t catch the speeding vehicle, said Howard.

Then at 8:22 a.m., a couple of witnesses heard the crash and then saw the aftermath on South 128th Street, near the offramp from Highway 509, he said. They said the driver crashed into a large rock in someone’s yard, ran from the vehicle but then returned to the car.

“He grabbed his monkey and fled northbound through the neighborhood with a monkey on his back,” Howard said.

Police were able to quickly catch up with the man, since “There’s not a lot of people running around with monkeys on their back,” he said with a chuckle.

The witnesses were brought to the scene and positively identified the man and his pet, Howard said.

The monkey refused to let any of the officers touch him, so police called the suspect’s mother, who took the monkey home, Howard said. The suspect was booked into the South Correctional Entity Regional Jail in Des Moines on investigation of fleeing the scene of an accident, Howard said.

Animal Control was at the scene and is researching whether it’s legal to own a marmoset.