Prosecutors contended Song Wang was broke and desperate and decided to rob a prostitute.

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Song Wang, convicted last month of first-degree murder for killing a Bellevue woman and torching her apartment in March 2015, was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison.

During Wang’s trial in King County Superior Court, prosecutors said Wang was broke and desperate and decided to rob a prostitute, believing women involved in the sex trade would have cash on hand and would be reluctant to call police. Wang, 32, of Newcastle, was also found guilty of first-degree arson.

Kittaporn Saosawatsri — who had hidden $1,200 under her refrigerator and jewelry, credit cards and electronics around her apartment — resisted handing over her valuables and was viciously stabbed as Wang grew increasingly frustrated, the jury was told. Saosawatsri, who advertised sexual services on, died March 31, 2015, from multiple stab wounds to her heart and back.

After ransacking Saosawatsri’s apartment, Wang used a lighter to torch clothing hanging in her closet, setting off a sprinkler system and summoning firefighters, who discovered Saosawatsri’s body.

Among the evidence presented at trial, jurors heard that Wang’s DNA was found in Saosawatsri’s bathroom sink and her DNA was found on his shirt when he was arrested a week later in Northern California. Jurors also heard a recorded jail phone call in which Wang admitted to a friend he’d killed someone.