Witnesses say the driver of a Jeep struck a man in a parking lot, then got out and forced the injured man into the vehicle and drove away; victim was found later with broken leg

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A man suspected in a bizarre Bellevue hit-and-run incident in which the driver forced the injured victim into his car and drove away has been found and interviewed by police in Snohomish County, according to law enforcement officials.

Bellevue police had responded to an incident Saturday in the parking lot of the Park Row Shopping Center at 225 Bellevue Way NE, where witnesses said a man was struck and injured by a Jeep. They said the driver got out and struggled with the injured man, forcing the protesting victim — who apparently could not walk — into his car and then drove off.

Passers-by were so concerned about the incident that several took photographs of the driver and his Jeep and then called police.

The pedestrian was heard protesting he didn’t want to get into the Jeep, police said, adding that the driver said something about taking the victim to a hospital. But that didn’t immediately happen, according to police.

The injured man, who was in his 50s, was found in the area about an hour later, suffering from a broken leg. He was taken to Overlake Hospital, said Bellevue Police spokesman Seth Tyler.

Tyler said police stopped and questioned a 43-year-old man Sunday this morning in Snohomish County. Tyler said information for potential charges of suspicion of hit and run and driving without a license will be forwarded to prosecutors.

Tyler said the man may have been a caregiver to the injured man.