The young man who was shot in South Seattle had just attended the funeral of a friend killed in a drive-by shooting and was headed to the funeral of another.

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The young man had just attended the funeral of a friend killed in a drive-by shooting and was headed to a post-funeral service.

He turned down a ride from a close buddy to the second service. He told friends he wanted to walk home to shower first.

But he never made it to the second service. While walking down the street  in South Seattle on Friday afternoon, he was fatally shot as he talked to his mom on the phone.

The victim, believed to be about 20, died on the street despite emergency medical attention, police said. His name was not released by authorities Friday.

The funeral was for 20-year-old Muldhata Dawud, killed in Federal Way early Thursday, according to a longtime friend of Friday’s victim. He asked not to be identified out of fears for his safety.

“We prayed next to each other,” the friend said of that service.

On the corner where Friday’s shooting occurred, large groups of friends and acquaintances chatted in disbelief and heartbreak. Many arrived by car from the second funeral to where the victim was shot at 44th Avenue South and South Cloverdale Street in the Dunlap neighborhood. Police say they’ve increased patrols in the area of the shooting. The homicide and gang units are investigating but have reported no arrests.

In the Federal Way shooting, Dawud was in a car with others near the 32800 block of First Avenue South in Federal Way just after 1 a.m. when another man drove up alongside them and opened fire, police say. Dawud was killed while two male passengers, ages 18 and 19, were injured. They are expected to survive.

The gunman in that shooting, described to police as a stocky black man with dreadlocks, was driving a red Chevrolet Impala or a similar vehicle, police said. A police source said Federal Way investigators had identified a suspect in the shooting but had not arrested him as of Friday morning. Police said investigators recovered at least nine bullet casings at the shooting scene.

The friend of Friday’s victim recounted the sorrow he endured in one day, flanked by two supportive friends. Faced with yet another memorial service ahead, his voice wavered.

“I’ve been to more funerals than graduations,” the victim’s friend said. “I’ve been to more funerals than weddings.”

Police ask anyone with information about the case to call 206-233-5000.

Correction: Information in this article, originally published July 31, 2015, was corrected Aug. 17 2015. Due to incorrect information provided by a source, a previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the victim in the Dunlap shooting was headed  to a funeral service for a second person when he was killed. Friends and police later clarified it was a post-funeral service for the same person.

Information from The Seattle Times archive is included in this report.