The hospital tweeted a surveillance photo of the employee, which showed him carrying the umbrella over his shoulder into the facility.

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A rifle? A sword? No, it’s just an umbrella.

EvergreenHealth Medical Center was locked down Wednesday morning after a physician reported seeing a man with what appeared to be some kind of a weapon, according to Kirkland Police Department Lt. Robert Saloum.

The hospital released a surveillance image of the suspected weapon-bearer, an object slung over his shoulder, on social media as police began searching the health-care facility.

At some point, the suspect saw the photo, recognized himself and turned himself in to police when “realized we were looking for him,” Saloum said.

The hospital employee told officers he had ordered the suspected weapon — an umbrella with a handle made to look like the grip of a sword — online, police said.

The hospital lifted its lockdown about 10 a.m.

According to Saloum, there was some confusion over what type of “weapon” the man could have been carrying as it looked in some pictures like a rifle and in others like a sword.

“It’s hard to see exactly what it is, but it does not look like an umbrella,” he said.

Hospital staff spoke with the employee after the lockdown, said Kay Taylor, Evergreen’s vice president of communications. And the consequence of his decision to bring the umbrella, she said, was apparent and “upsetting for him, as it was for the rest of us.”

“We’re absolutely certain” he won’t bring it to the hospital again, she said.

Further details on the man, such as his job at the hospital or name, were unknown.

Police said there was at least one piece of good news to take from the incident.

“It doesn’t seem like it was the best idea to take something that looks like a weapon into any kind of facility, but I’d rather have somebody with poor judgment than something worse,” Saloum said.

Seattle Times staff reporter Jessica Lee contributed to this report.