Officials at King County’s downtown Seattle jail have been distributing bottled water for a week because of discolored tap water.

King County officials have tested the water “multiple times in multiple locations” and found that while it remains discolored, it meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for drinking water, Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention spokesperson Noah Haglund said.

“Since the water is still cloudy, we are providing bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes,” he said in a statement.

Officials are still trying to determine the source of the discoloration, Haglund said. They took another round of water samples Thursday and expect results Friday.

Haglund said staffers have distributed water to those incarcerated at the King County Jail multiple times a day and upon request since Sept. 29.

“Everyone should have ample access,” he said.

Last year, contractors finished a project that replaced a large portion of the jail’s water distribution system, he said.

The news website PubliCola first reported about the discolored water.

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