A Kent man who spent nearly 15 years in prison for kidnapping and beating a 16-year-old girl was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder, accused of gunning a man down at a motel on Seattle’s Aurora Avenue North last week.

King County prosecutors also charged Larone Charles, 48, with second-degree assault for allegedly beating a motel employee unconscious and with first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, court records show. He remains jailed in lieu of $5 million bail.

Killed was Anthony Parker, 49, who was shot twice in the chest, with one round traveling through his lung, heart and liver, charging papers say.

Charles also has two pending criminal cases: In 2018, he was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and last year, he was charged with a felony drug crime for possessing heroin and meth, King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Karissa Taylor noted in the murder charges.

“The defendant has a lengthy criminal history that includes an incredibly violent assault and kidnap conviction from 1992,” Taylor wrote.

In that case, Charles and two friends kidnapped a 16-year-old girl as she was walking home from school, attempted to sexually assault her, strangled her until she lost consciousness, then threw her in a car trunk, according to Taylor. The men drove to Federal Way, where Charles pulled the girl out of the trunk, kicked and beat her in the head, then slit her throat.


“They then threw her body in a dumpster and drove away, leaving her for dead,” Taylor wrote in the charges. “After she pulled herself out of the dumpster, naked and bleeding, she was taken to the hospital,” where a surgeon noted the knife wound came close to severing her carotid artery.

Convicted later that year, Charles was released from prison in May 2007; he later served prison sentences on an assault charge and felony drug charges, according to prosecutors and the state Department of Corrections.

According to the murder and assault charges filed Tuesday:

Seattle police responded to a report that someone had been shot at the Everspring Inn, located in the 8200 block of Aurora Avenue North, just after 4 a.m. on July 21.

Officers found Parker with gunshot wounds in the motel lobby and despite efforts to save him, Parker died at the scene. A revolver found under his body had two spent casings in the cylinder, suggesting he had returned fire.

Police say the motel’s video-surveillance footage showed a man walk through the lobby with a satchel slung over his shoulder and out to the parking lot, where he joined five others. About a minute later, Parker is seen walking into the lot.

Though the footage does not have audio, it appeared the man with the satchel and Parker “are having words.” The man is then seen pulling a handgun out of his bag and hiding it behind his leg, the charges say. A few seconds later, Parker pulled a gun and held it at his side.


Just after 4:15 a.m., the man with the satchel fired at Parker, whose head was turned, then chased him into the motel lobby and continued firing, say the charges.

In addition to the two spent casings found in Parker’s revolver, investigators found five shell casings at the scene.

While downloading the video-surveillance footage, a motel employee told detectives he had been beaten unconscious on July 12 by the gunman in the video, who he knew as “Rone,” charging papers say.

Two days after Parker was fatally shot, two people independently contacted Seattle police and identified Charles as the gunman, the charges say.

Charles was taken into custody just after 1 a.m. by Kent police in the 25000 block of Pacific Highway South. At the time of his arrest, Charles was wearing the same silver chains the man was wearing in the Everspring Inn’s video-surveillance footage, say the charges.

Charles is to be arraigned Aug. 10.