A Level 2 sex offender was charged this week with second-degree rape for allegedly raping his son’s 17-year-old girlfriend.

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A Level 2 sex offender was charged this week with second-degree rape for allegedly sexually assaulting his son’s 17-year-old girlfriend, according to King County prosecutors.

While bail was set at $500,000 on the rape charge, Andrew “Drew” Trotman, 38, is being held without bail for violating his community supervision in connection with a 2009 conviction, jail records show.

In that earlier case, Trotman pleaded guilty to attempted commercial sex abuse of a minor after trying to force another 17-year-old girl into prostituting for him, according to court records. The girl was able to escape the house in Federal Way where Trotman was holding her and ran to a neighbor’s house for help, the records say. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

On March 29, Trotman, his 20-year-old son, the son’s girlfriend and a 16-year-old girl were driving in a car together when Trotman passed around a bottle of alcohol and encouraged the others to drink while he apparently pretended to take swigs of the booze, charging papers say.

He tried to kiss the 16-year-old and touched both girls’ legs, making them feel uncomfortable, the papers say. When the vehicle got a flat tire, the 17-year-old left the car and vomited, saying she didn’t feel well, according to the charges.

The younger girl called her older sister, who arrived and drove both girls home while Trotman and his son waited for a tow truck, the papers say.

The 17-year-old went home to the apartment she shares with her mother and went to bed, the charges say.

At one point, her boyfriend called and left her a voice message, but she couldn’t understand him because he sounded intoxicated, according to the charges. She texted him, saying she would leave her bedroom window open for him.

The next morning, she saw someone she assumed was her boyfriend in bed with her, the charges say. She felt pain and discovered that her underwear had been removed, according to the charges.

After returning from the bathroom, she realized Trotman was the person in her bed — and he quickly left through her window, the charges say.

The girl went to a hospital, where a sexual-assault exam showed signs that she’d been raped, and a nurse called Federal Way police, according to the charges. She had no memory between the time she fell asleep alone in bed until waking up with Trotman beside her, the charges say.

The boyfriend, who has a different last name from Trotman, later told police that he and his father had decided to leave their car and go to a relative’s house, the charges say. He said on the walk there he passed out near an overpass.

When he came to, he went to his aunt’s house, but she told him she hadn’t seen his father, say charging papers.

The young couple “felt that Trotman had created a diversion” for the son, the charges say.

Trotman, who lives in a Kent apartment with his mother, was arrested April 9 and charged with second-degree rape Monday, jail and court records show. The 17-year-old was incapable of consent because she was “physically helpless” at the time of the assault, charging papers say.