The snow is turning to rain, but colder temperatures are on the way.

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Frigid weather is on pace to return to the Puget Sound region next week, forecasters said.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s late Sunday evening when another cold-air front moves into the area, National Weather Service meteorologist Johnny Burg said.

It’s unclear whether the front will hit the tail end of the weather system that dropped nearly 3 inches of snow in the Seattle metro area overnight, Burg said.

“It’s looking right now that we’re in for another round of cold air, but not necessarily snow,” he said. “As far as precipitation, confidence right now is low.”

A brief warmup began Friday as temperatures climbed into the lower 40s. It won’t last long.

The cold weather stems from chilly Canadian air dropping into the United States, said meteorologist Dustin Guy.

“More often than not, cold air dives into the Plains States,” he said. But in the Pacific Northwest this week and next, the cold air will filter through the Fraser River Valley in British Columbia, causing temps to plunge.