The 14-year-old girl has been placed into protective custody after her mother allegedly beat her with a tire iron, whipped her with a phone charger and jumper cables, then doused her in gasoline.

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A 44-year-old homeless woman has pleaded not guilty to charges that allege she doused her teenage daughter with gasoline and threatened to light her on fire over her grades, according to records filed in King County Superior Court.

A judge on Tuesday denied Lisa Kyles’ request to reduce her $150,000 bail amount on charges of first-degree assault domestic violence and felony harassment, the records show.

Kyles remains in custody in the King County Jail, in its psychiatric unit, say the court records.

According to the charges:

The 14-year-old girl told an officer that her brother, 22, repeatedly punched her in the head over three hours on Nov. 10, angry about a test score she had received at school. The argument occurred inside their mother’s minivan, where they have been living for the past four years. The van was parked outside a Federal Way apartment complex in the 31200 block of 20th Avenue South.

When the brother — who has not been charged — had to leave for work around 8:30 p.m., he told Kyles, “You handle this!”

After he left, Kyles and the girl continued to argue about her grades, which is when Kyles struck her daughter’s knee, shin and hand with a tire iron, then whipped her with a phone charger and jumper cables, the charges say. Kyles grabbed a gas can from the back seat, doused her daughter with gas, then threatened to light the girl on fire with a lighter.

Kyles clicked the lighter a few times near the girl’s clothing before the girl opened the van door and ran toward two women in the parking lot, asking them for help, according to charging documents.

Kyles chased her daughter around the parking lot before one of the women took the girl into an apartment to await police while the second woman confronted Kyles about the smell of gasoline coming from the girl’s body, the papers say.

Kyles — who smelled of alcohol — threatened to set the woman and the woman’s apartment on fire, say the charges.

The women called 911, but Kyles took off in her van before officers arrived.

The 14-year-old, who told police her mother had assaulted her before, was taken to St. Francis Medical Center to be treated for her injuries, then was placed in protective custody by Child Protective Services, the charges say.

The next day, Federal Way police found Kyles’ unoccupied van a couple of miles away at a strip mall on South 314th Street, say the charges. Officers set up surveillance and arrested Kyles just before 4 p.m. when she returned to the vehicle, according to charging papers.

Kyles denied beating her daughter or threatening to set anyone on fire, though she said she argued with her daughter, say the charges.