A man who opened fire on vehicles on the Hood Canal Bridge was wanted for questioning in the slaying of a woman in a Renton motel.

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Police say a man who opened fire on vehicles on the Hood Canal Bridge early Tuesday before killing himself was wanted for questioning in the slaying of a 38-year-old woman in a Renton motel.

The man was identified by Renton police and the Washington State Patrol as Krishna Mahadevan-Prasad, 20, from New Jersey.

The Renton Police Department identified Mahdevan-Prasad as a suspect in the July 23 slaying of a Bellevue woman, 38, whose body was found Monday afternoon in a hotel room at the Econo-Lodge, 4710 Lake Washington Blvd., according to a news release.

The woman suffered numerous cuts to her body including what police said appeared to be intentional mutilation after she was dead.

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Renton detectives said the “circumstances” of the homicide have investigators concerned that Mahadevan-Prasad may be responsible for other acts of violence.  Mahadevan-Prasad was active-duty military and his travels are unknown.

Police did not specify which branch of the military.

Authorities said Mahdevan-Prasad was armed with a rifle and a shotgun when he opened fire about 3:42 a.m. on parked vehicles waiting for the Hood Canal Bridge to open after being closed for maintenance.

He fired through a car in front of him, missing the driver and two children, ages 5 and 6, who were asleep in the vehicle. A bullet passed through the driver’s head rest.

The driver of a van parked behind Mahdevan-Prasad’s 1995 Honda Accord suffered a glancing bullet wound to his elbow and was in stable condition, according to Trooper Chelsea Hodgson.

After firing on those vehicles, Mahdevan-Prasad apparently shot himself, Hodgson said.


The shooting occurred in the eastbound lane at the west end of the bridge.