Investigators smelled alcohol on the breath of the woman arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run crash near Green Lake, court documents say.

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After striking a pedestrian, the driver involved in the Sunday fatal hit-and-run checked on the victim before fleeing, court documents say.

Treza Hafzalla, 27, later returned to the scene near Green Lake, where she was arrested on investigation of vehicular homicide, according to court documents.

A judge found probable cause to hold her in custody at a Monday court hearing. She has not been charged.

Police said a car driven by Hafzalla struck a pedestrian about 7 p.m. as she crossed Wallingford Avenue North at North 82nd Street.

According to court documents, Hafzalla left her car to check on the victim but then returned to her car and drove away.

Witnesses called 911 to report the victim in the crosswalk, police said. Emergency medics pronounced her dead at the scene. Her name has not been released.

Hafzalla returned to the intersection 43 minutes later at the urging of her boyfriend, according to court documents.

Investigators reported smelling alcohol on Hafzalla’s breath, the documents say. She later told police that she had had a drink about 5:45 p.m.

An investigation into the crash continues.