Glass entrance doors and nine display windows running the entire length of the ground floor at Nordstrom’s flagship downtown store were damaged Sunday night, likely with a hammer, police said Monday.

Officers reported arriving at the scene at around 9:45 p.m. “after dealing with multiple protests earlier in the evening around the south end of the city,” though the report did not say whether the vandalism was connected to the protests.

In the redacted report, the larger windowpanes were valued at “somewhere  between 50-70 thousand dollars apiece due to their thickness and a protective film that internally self-adheres after strikes or damage,” by an individual whose name was blacked out.

The 911 call was generated by alarm activation, the report noted.

The damaged glass door and the windows, all along the store’s Fifth Avenue side, remained largely intact because of the added film, but were “extremely fragile when touched or jostled,” the report said. It said the damaged doors were no longer secure “and the only thing keeping people out of the store was a large metal sliding door just inside the glass doors.”

The report described the vandalism as “malicious mischief in the first degree.”

On Jan. 23, interim police Chief Adrian Diaz announced that those who destroy property during street protests will be arrested and prosecuted under a tighter new policy coordinated with Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes.

“When we don’t have any form of accountability for people — and many of them that are coming from outside the city — they will continue to do that destruction, and we can’t have that,” Diaz said.

A voice mail and emails to Nordstrom for comment were not returned.