A sheriff's spokesman says "something wasn't right about what they encountered" and that first -responders thought it best to err on the side of caution and call detectives.

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SEABECK, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say preliminary investigation into the Tuesday morning death of a 9-year-old boy shows he died of homicidal violence.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office says a 47-year-old Bremerton woman believed to be the boy’s mother was arrested Tuesday evening.

The Kitsap Sun reports that emergency personnel were called to the 11400 block of Symes Road south of Seabeck.

The sheriff’s office says the boy was given CPR but was pronounced dead.

Sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilson says “something wasn’t right about what they encountered” and that first responders thought it best to call detectives.

Wilson didn’t say what wasn’t right about the situation.

The sheriff’s office says the woman was booked into Kitsap County jail on a murder charge with bail set at $1 million.