Sage Cook, 14, and his younger brother Isaac, 9, are believed to have been abducted by their mother when they went to visit her in Los Angeles at the end of August.

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Sage Cook, 14, missed his first day of high school at the Bellevue International School on Tuesday. His little brother Isaac, 9, wasn’t in his fourth-grade class at Somerset Elementary, either.

The boys are missing, believed to have been abducted by their mother, 41-year-old Faye Ku, when they went to visit her in California last weekend.

David Cook, the boy’s father, who lives in Bellevue, was awarded full custody of the boys in 2014, following an incident in 2013 when Ku was arrested by Port of Seattle Police for trying to take the two boys to Taiwan without their father’s knowledge, according to an affidavit of probably cause.

Ku was scheduled to have a supervised visit with the boys the weekend before they started school.

The last time Cook heard from his sons was around 1 p.m. Aug. 28, when they texted to say they had arrived safely at Los Angeles International Airport, he said. When they didn’t board their return flight on Sunday, Cook contacted the Bellevue Police Department.

According to the affidavit, L.A. County deputies found a letter from Ku, saying that she had the children and has no intent of returning them to their father.

Lt. Minh Dinh of the Lakewood, Calif., Sheriff’s Station says his agency is working closely with the FBI and Bellevue Police Department to follow leads on the boys’ whereabouts.

Seth Tyler, public information officer for the Bellevue Police Department, said Friday that a nationwide warrant for Ku’s arrest has been issued by the King County Superior Court.

David Cook describes Sage, the eldest, as quiet and introverted. By contrast, Isaac is an emotional and very affectionate extrovert, he said. Despite a six-year age gap, the brothers are best friends, he said.

“They’re kind of opposites, but they go well together,” Cook said. “They’re inseparable.”

David Cook and the boy’s stepmother, Helen Cook, said their spirits wavered between motivated and despaired.

“At night, it’s very difficult because everything we see reminds us of their absence,” David Cook said. ”We love them and we miss them and we’re thinking about them all the time.”

The couple have started a Facebook page to generate awareness of the abduction, and is offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who has information leading to the boys’ safe return.

Helen hopes that more awareness of the case will help get a message to the boys:

“They don’t need to be scared or worried or afraid. they’re not in trouble and if they could reach us, or their friends, or their cousins or uncles and aunts just to let us know they’re safe — that’s all we want,” she said.

Anyone with information about the case can contact the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 1-562-623-3500.