Multiple officers responded when a rowdy crowd filled an intersection to watch two men brawl, resulting in minor injuries but no arrests

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The Great Ballard Baby Shower Brouhaha ended Saturday night with no arrests, the brawling crowd dispersed and the combatant’s injuries mostly self-inflicted.

Seattle police say it took “multiple officers” to restore order after a crowd — many reportedly attending a nearby baby shower — gathered to watch a couple of guys square off in a fight at the intersection of Northwest 54th Street and 32nd Avenue Northwest, reported Detective Mark Jamieson.

It apparently took a while for the incident to proceed to mutual combat, and it’s pretty clear nobody was very good at it. Police said the only injuries resulted from when one of the participants reportedly “punched an apartment building window,” cutting his arm in the process. Another man “reportedly broke a bottle over his own head.”

Despite their injuries, the two men decided to fight one another on the street. Police said “friends and family members attending a nearby get-together, which reportedly was a baby shower, gathered to watch the fight.”

It was not clear whether the combatants were attending the shower.

Jamieson reported a “large disturbance erupted between the gathered friends and family members over an unknown issue as the two men continued to fight.”

Police were able to restore order, and the two men were taken to a hospital to get treatment for their injuries, he said.