A growing wildfire in Eastern Washington forced residents of one town to evacuate.

As of Monday morning, the town of Mansfield (about 60 miles northeast of Wenatchee) was under Level 3 evacuation notice — meaning “get out immediately” — according to The Wenatchee World.

However due to extreme problems with visibility, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was telling residents all routes out of town were unsafe to use. Law-enforcement officials told people at that time to shelter in place or seek emergency shelter at the Mansfield School gym.

According to The Wenatchee World, the “Cold Spring Canyon/Pearl Hill Fire” as it is officially being called, was first reported around 9:30 p.m. Sunday near Omak. By Monday, the fire had jumped the Columbia River into Douglas County, where Mansfield is located.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office estimates the fire to be approximately 9,000 acres.

The town of Bridgeport, about 14 miles north of Mansfield, was under a Level 2 evacuation notice, meaning “be ready to leave.” The fire has been reported on the Colville Indian Reservation near Cameron Lake.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the name of the county and has been updated to refer to Douglas County.